Patrick of Ireland

Patrick-Cover-193x300Last year I was able to participate in a book project and  wrote some portions of Patrick of Ireland: His Life and Impact with Michael Haykin and Aaron Matherly (Amazon). This new book is the first of many in a new series: Early Church Fathers series (more info here). These books will be of value to any churchmen, pastor, or undergraduate seeking to gain familiarity on early church fathers, their literature, and personal piety.

Patrick is not only a man of courage, exemplar in piety, but a great example to the modern person! Though scholarship is divided, he leaves us with two works (Confessions and Letter to Soldiers of Coroticus; original language). They are simple to read and would highly encourage anyone to read through them in order to gain familiarity with Patrick.

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1892 Club: Ben Mast on Writing


One of the unique privileges of advanced education at Southern Seminary is the continual contact with diverse men and women from a plethora of disciplines. The 1892 Club (also see: here) helps promote unique conversations and talks on a variety of disciplines. And in this way, I, as a NT thinker, am shaped through inter-disciplinary efforts.

Yesterday was the initial meeting of the new term. The sound of colleagues, the smell of pour-over coffee, and the sweet taste of exquisite cheese quickly reminds me of the value of such gatherings. Continue reading