Nine Reasons Southern Seminary PhD Students Should Attend the 1892 Club

Each semester, Wednesday—in particular—stands above the rest. By that, I mean, my week anticipates and builds towards Wednesday. At Southern Seminary, PhD students gather together around a common vision and a common place for at least four hours. The 1892 Club is … Continue reading

1892 Club Housh Talk — Discourse Features and the Historical Present

1892 Logo

Yesterday marked the last 1892 Club meeting of the Spring 2014 semester. This gathering of PhD students, across academic disciplines, is a vital component to the PhD community at Southern Seminary. It’s one of my most anticipated times all week. It’s so anticipated that I pick my classes, rearrange writing blocks, and move my work schedule so that I can participate in this club.

The 1892 Club is a time devoted to cultivating the mind and virtue of PhD students. Professors and students are able to enjoy a wonderful cup of coffee with exquisite cheese, and have a designated space to converse over ideas. It is here where my relationships with peers and professors turn into a “think-tank”, a time for mentoring, and a cherished time for intellectual thinking. It has been through the relationships and opportunities at the 1892 Club where I have flourished in dialectical thinking, publishing ideas, and a respite of good relationships. Continue reading

1892 Club: Ben Mast on Writing


One of the unique privileges of advanced education at Southern Seminary is the continual contact with diverse men and women from a plethora of disciplines. The 1892 Club (also see: here) helps promote unique conversations and talks on a variety of disciplines. And in this way, I, as a NT thinker, am shaped through inter-disciplinary efforts.

Yesterday was the initial meeting of the new term. The sound of colleagues, the smell of pour-over coffee, and the sweet taste of exquisite cheese quickly reminds me of the value of such gatherings. Continue reading

1892 Housh Talk — Did Early Communities Have a Pauline Reading of Hebrews?

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Each Wednesday PhD students and SBTS faculty engage in useful dialogue, enjoy pour-over coffee, and experience the euphoria of tasting exotic cheese. In this 1892 Club, we converse with current leaders and theologians in the field of theological studies. Our topics of discussion vary and range with diversity, from writing and publishing, to academic societal involvement, to pressing topics in academia. Each week presents itself with new and refreshing times as a PhD student. Some of my favorite times in our 1892 Club and “Housh Talks” are the championing of open ideas, free thinking, mentorship, and peer friendship. To say the least, the 1892 Club is one of the more enjoyable times as an SBTS PhD student.

At the end of each semester, we have “Housh Talks”. A “Housh Talk” is a 6 minute presentation on an idea pertinent to your studies, with an 8 minute response of intense and focused dialogue immediately following. This is a wonderful time to test ideas, to publicly entertain nuanced thoughts, and to hear from critical thinkers across multiple disciplines. The name comes from Housh, one of the first Th.D. graduates from Southern Seminary in 1894. To make the name more intriguing, he was blind too. Therefore, the administration named these TED-like talks after Housh.
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