California Baptist University at ETS, AAR, & SBL

CBU 3Professors and colleagues from California Baptist University have a number of paper presentations at this years annual conferences. We have a good breadth of disciplines represented: Church History, New Testament, Philosophy, and Systematic Theology. The following will be represented at ETS, AAR, and SBL this coming November.

Anthony L. Chute

ETS: Tuesday, 15 November, 9:50am – 10:30am, “Trends in 19th Century Pastoral Theology” in Baptist Studies: Pastor-Theologians Among Baptists in America

Adamson Co

ETS: Wednesday, 16 November, 8:30am – 9:10am, “Contra Moltmann: The Necessity of a ‘Monotheistic Monarchianism’ in the Concept of the Trinity” in The Trinity Intra-Trinitarian Relations

John Gill

ETS: Tuesday, 15 November, 4:30pm –5:10pm, “Thomas Monck’s Adherence to an Orthodox Understanding of the Trinity” in Church History: 17th – 18th Century

Ash Melika

SBL: Monday, 21 November, 1:00pm – 3:30pm, “Tribal Warfare in the Books of Joshua and Judges: An Anthropological Reading” in Warfare in Ancient Israel

Timothy Mosteller

ETS: Wednesday, 16 November, 3:00pm – 3:40pm, “Vallicella’s Regress Objection to Moreland’s Account of Existence: A Rejoinder” in Evangelical Philosophical Society D2

Luke Stamps

AAR: Friday, 18 November, 1:00pm – 3:45 pm, “Context Setting Introduction of Divine Action and Hebrews: The Ongoing Priesthood of Jesus” co-presented with Craig Bartholomew in the Scripture and Doctrine Seminar (SADS)

Shawn J. Wilhite

ETS: Tuesday, 15 November, 10:40–11:20 am, “‘Is the Lord of Two Angels?’: Michel Barnes, Justin Martyr, and Jewish Pneumatology Redivivus” in Trinitarian Thought and Development in Second Century Literature

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