New Journal: Journal of Early Christian Studies 23, no. 4 (Winter 2015)

UnknownI recently received the newest release of the Journal of Early Christian Studies 23, no 4 (Winter 2015): 501–644. This journal is housed under the auspice of the North American Patristics Society.

For a journal and subscription information, see here.


Table of Contents:

Clement of Alexandria’s Gnostic Exposition of the Decalogue by Robert G. T. Edwards

Placuit apostolicae (Ep. 1) of Zosimus of Rome and the Ecclesiastical Reorganization of Gaul by Geoffrey D. Dunn

Simeon and Other Women in Theodoret’s Religious History: Gender in the Representation of Late Ancient Christian Asceticism by Ellen Muehlberger

Fixing John Damascene’s Biography: Historical Notes on His Family Background by Sean W. Anthony

Book Reviews:

Review of Hans Boersma, Embodiment and Virtue in Gregory of Nyssa: An Anagogical Approach by Paul M. Blowers

Review of Crystal Lynn Lubinsky, Removing Masculine Layers to Reveal a Holy Womanhood: The Female Transvestite Monks of Late Antique Easter Christianity by Kristi Upson-Saia

Review of Brent Nongbri, Before Religion: A History of a Modern Concept by David T. M. Frankfurter

Review of Matthew R. Crawford, Cyril of Alexandria’s Trinitarian Theology of Scripture by Alexander B. Miller

Review of Derek Krueger, Liturgical Subjects: Christian Ritual, Biblical Narrative, and the Formation of the Self in Byzantium by Thomas Arentzen

Review of Edward J. Watts, The Final Pagan Generation by James A. Francis


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