Recommended Summer Reading: Early Christian Literature

Summer Reading Lists PicI work as a researcher at the James P. Boyce Centennial Library. Recently, the staff compiled a list of suggested summer readings. We have three staff members involved in advanced New Testament studies, so I was given the task compiling texts in my other discipline of study.

Here are the books related to Early Christian Literature I suggested:

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Candida Moss on Martyrdom and Passion Narratives

Other ChristsI’m currently prepping a lecture on The Martyrdom of Polycarp for a JPBCL summer Greek reading group at Southern Seminary (See here, class description, syllabus). Here is a quote from Candida Moss that I find quite helpful from The Other Christs: Imitating Jesus in Ancient Christian Ideologies of Martyrdom.. Here she highlights the influence of the passion narratives on the composition of other martyrdom accounts in ancient Christianity. Continue reading

1892 Club Housh Talk — Discourse Features and the Historical Present

1892 Logo

Yesterday marked the last 1892 Club meeting of the Spring 2014 semester. This gathering of PhD students, across academic disciplines, is a vital component to the PhD community at Southern Seminary. It’s one of my most anticipated times all week. It’s so anticipated that I pick my classes, rearrange writing blocks, and move my work schedule so that I can participate in this club.

The 1892 Club is a time devoted to cultivating the mind and virtue of PhD students. Professors and students are able to enjoy a wonderful cup of coffee with exquisite cheese, and have a designated space to converse over ideas. It is here where my relationships with peers and professors turn into a “think-tank”, a time for mentoring, and a cherished time for intellectual thinking. It has been through the relationships and opportunities at the 1892 Club where I have flourished in dialectical thinking, publishing ideas, and a respite of good relationships. Continue reading