Regional ETS Paper Abstract

Next month, Beeson Divinity School is hosting the ETS Southeast Meeting. I’m looking forward to this conference for two reasons. First, Daniel Treier is speaking on the Theological Interpretation of Scripture. Second, my paper was recently accepted.

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“The Theological
Interpretation of Scripture”

Daniel Treier, Plenary Speaker
March 21-22, 2014

Beeson Divinity School, Samford University
Birmingham, Alabama

Steven Runge (Discourse Grammar of the Greek NT; blog) was very formidable in the shaping of this paper. Greek syntax and linguistic theory is of great interest to me (ultimately, not enough to pursue PhD studies). His model has satisfied the majority of my questions surrounding the Historical Present. So, I decided to provide a brief history of research surrounding the Historical Present and use John 13 as a test case for Levinsohn/Runge’s model.

Here is my abstract:

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QOTD: St. Augustine ‘On Christian Teaching’

On Christian Teaching

Here is a valuable quote by Augustine on tracing the progression of equipping a person. Fearing God causes one to seek within the Scriptures. Holiness begets moral virtue. Virtue prohibits a desire for controversy. Knowledge of biblical languages and other essential items harbor ignorance. Now, the student is able to accept instruction from Augustine.

St. Augustine, On Christian Teaching, 3.1.1.

The student who fears God earnestly seeks his will in the holy scriptures. Holiness makes him gentle, so that he does not revel in controversy; a knowledge of languages protects him from uncertainty over unfamiliar words or phrases, and a knowledge of certain essential things protects him from ignorance of the significance and detail of what is used by way of imagery.

Oxford University Press: Review of Oxford Apostolic Fathers Commentary Series

oxford university press-logo

Oxford University Press has put together a reputable team for a new series of commentaries. The Oxford Apostolic Fathers is a new OUP publication of up-to-date scholarship on the Apostolic Fathers. This series intends to provide critical commentaries on the background, text, and interpretation of the Apostolic Fathers.

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Fortress Press: Review of Paul and the Faithfulness of God


Over the past two months I have been slowly engaging Paul and the Faithfulness of God, the newest edition to N.T. Wright’s Christian Origins and the Question of God series. It was an enjoyable read; it was a fruitful read; and, of course, it was a frustrating read. But nonetheless, this book is very helpful for those involved in Pauline Theology, Biblical Theology, and 2nd-Temple literature.

Fortress Press kindly allowed me to review it. Below is the full the review.

Also, Books at a Glance Published this too (Peer Reviewed—Fred Zaspel and Jarvis Williams). Please see here.

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