Preliminary Bibliography for New Testament Theology

I recently had the opportunity to compile a large list of sources for NT Theology. This is merely preliminary and will continue to add to this list as I find more sources. The list was long enough to prove useful so I decided to put this up. Please make use of this for your collection or to gain familiarity with the discipline.

Compiling a list like this, for obvious reasons, is very difficult. It’s difficult to determine the varying categories, it’s difficult to have your eyes on all or even the majority of the resources. If you find any glaring absences or have any suggestions, by all means, leave a comment below or e-mail me and I’ll gladly add to this preliminary list. Continue reading


N.T. Wright’s Brief Comments on “Works Righteousness”

I’m currently reviewing Paul and the Faithfulness of God, Vol. 4 in N.T. Wright’s Christian Origins and the Question of God, for Fortress Press. To say the least, Wright is changing the scene of NT studies and has been doing so for some time now. His erudite and winsome prose make 1700+ pages pass with ease.

I find myself at times reading with pen in hand and notes beside me with an inability to capture all my thoughts and questions and insights he brings to the table. There are other times I find myself adding up mathematical equations that are bit odd to me (e.g., 1+2 = 4). I see what he’s saying, but I’m don’t see how it adds up to what he says.
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2nd Temple Judaism, The Temple, and Biblical Theology

N.T. Wright, in Paul and the Faithfulness of God, has a section describing the worldviews of a 2nd temple Jew. He provides valuable insight in the purpose and function of the Temple. When matched with the Temple themes in the NT, a holistic change is brought forth. If he is right, it is no wonder early Christianity was not received well by the Jewish people, especially when it comes to the Temple.

But nonetheless, these comments do shed light for modern interpreters on the importance of knowing 2nd temple literature and having an idea of the contemporary worldviews because of its aid in shedding light on interpretation. Continue reading